Not in the Right State of Mind

The former First Woman of the Natural State, who now happens to be the Senatorette from the Empire State, was campaigning down in the Palmetto State, telling locals they need to rid themselves of memories of the last time South Carolina was free and sovereign, the way the framers of U.S. Constitution intended.

The Confederate flag on the grounds of the state capitol seems to draw fire from all northern liberals, as Hillary is just chiming in after Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, seeing if she can get a wedge of the NAACP vote. Not that it is going to matter, because she needs electoral votes and she’s not going to get them in South Carolina.

As Grit notes, Hillary would be much happier to do away with the States altogether.


2 Responses to Not in the Right State of Mind

  1. britandgrit says:

    Hi David,

    As I understand it, the State flag of South Carolina has the Confederate flag in one corner. I suspect you are correct about the vote in that State, but in these crazy times, who knows?

    the Grit

  2. Dave says:

    No, the South Carolina flag is a white palmetto and white crescent moon on a dark blue background. However, South Carolina like other Southern States has flow the Confederate flag in remembrance of its history. I don’t think Hillary or Joe or Chris any other Yankee interloper needs to tell the people of South Carolina what flag to fly on the grounds of their statehouse.

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