Peter’s (Twp) Pence

It might just swing the election. I’m sure all the major American networks have picked it up. I’m sure Democratic primary contenders and potential Republican opponents are worried now.

That’s right, Peter Hain has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Peter who? For those Americans who don’t know and don’t care, Peter Hain the South African who is the Northern Ireland Secretary and Welsh Secretary in the British Cabinet. Yes, he’s a member of the same Government that is currently allied with the Bush Administration in the Iraq insurgency operation.

I suppose this is no surprise because last month he referred to it as “the most right-wing American administration, if not ever, then in living memory” and a failure. With allies like that, who needs enemies?

Hain seems to have primarily based his endorsement on gender. He said it would “be fantastic to have a woman president”. I doubt he thought it was fantastic to have a woman Prime Minister. But while Britain needed a Deborah, America hardly needs a Jezebel.

Hain has a history of making endorsements. He doesn’t just base them on gender. For example, he endorsed Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. He was a vocal supporter of the Mugabe regime until recently. In one way, he is consistent. America needs Hillary about as much as Zimbabwe needed Mugabe. They are not so different, after all. They have similar methods for dealing with people who get in the way.

I would say the sensible thing is to pay attention to Peter Hain. See who he endorses. Then vote the other way.


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