Catholic Britain

Thanks to massive immigration of Poles to Britain, the Catholic Church is booming. Some parishes in London are having to added more and more masses on Sundays to cope with the demand.

Attendance in the Church of England continues to decline. With a formal split in the Anglican Communion looming on the horizon, this looks to continue.

Catholicism as not been the dominate religious practice in this country since the death of Bloody Mary. Charles I was suspected of it and lost his head. James II converted to it and fled in the face of the Glorious Revolution. Even a Holford (though no relation of which I’m aware) was a martyr to it in the year after the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Even though there will be no formal church-state reunion with Rome, the Catholic Church may become the de facto church of England. The Archbishop of Westminster speaks on behalf of more people than the Archbishop of Canterbury. This is all the more true because there are most British Catholics follow Catholic doctrine and belief, especially immigrant Catholics. Anglicans have such a spectrum of doctrine and belief that it would be impossible for Rowan Williams to speak for very many of them on any particular issue.

Even though the Cabinet thumbed their collective nose at Catholic protests over the impact of equality legislation on adoption agencies, they were put on notice that they can expect Catholics to express their concerns en bloc. With more and more Catholics settling here with EU rights of residence, many will become citizens. They will become harder to ignore.

Sadly, the influx of Christians will do little to offset the overall godlessness of this country. However, the light shining in the darkness may be just a little brighter, and the darkness will not overwhelm it, even if it doesn’t comprehend it.


One Response to Catholic Britain

  1. John Browne says:

    Interesting post. These are very exciting times to be a Catholic – even more exciting is the prospect of priestly ministy.

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