Ice Ice Baby

The local education authority may not have decided to close all schools in the Shire for Friday, but our school is shut early for half-term break.

The snowing has stopped, but now all the slush will be turning to ice, because global warming has been put on hold. Freezing fog is expected to settle in around the area in the wee hours. More snow may be on the way for the afternoon. There may be even more snow on Saturday.

From indoors it all looks beautiful, especially looking across the meadow and playing fields to the treeline along the river, with the tower of the Cathedral in the far background. The blanket of white across the playing fields has proved too great a temptation for occasional frolicking groups of children with dogs and snow angels have made random appearances.

Now most, if not all, of them will have an extra day to play in the snow. I’m all for that.


One Response to Ice Ice Baby

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Our school was the only primary in Blogsville closed on Thursday, but we were resolutely open today though the weather was much worse. Go figure…..

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