Blue Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Not that you needed me to tell you, of course. It’s just that for the first time in a very long time, I actually care about the game.

The last time I had a team in the Super Bowl was 1972, when the Cowboys and the Dolphins played in Super Bowl VI. I was a Cowboys fan. Actually, it while watching that game at my Aunt Twila’s house that I became a Cowboys fan. I’m not sure when that went by the wayside, but I do know that the next Christmas I got NFL sheets and pillowcase. This all occured before Mr Claiborne, my first PE teacher, began the process that put me off sports for years to come.

That was the year after the last Super Bowl in which the Colts appeared, when a 30-second commerical cost $72,000. This year the same half-minute of advertising carries a price tag of $2,600,000.

When I mentioned this to Mrs H, she said, “260 million dollars?!” I said, “No, 2.6 million.” She said, “That’s still terrible. What a waste of money. There are children living in tunnels.” It’s good to see she is reading my blog.

The last Super Bowl party I attended was in 1998 at the home of a parishoner. The only other I ever remember being invited to was when I was living in the UK in 1992. I remember the party, but not much about the game.

I won’t be having a party tonight, but I did go out and buy some tortilla chips and salsa to create that party atmosphere. I don’t have any Colts paraphenalia, but I’m wearing blue and white.


One Response to Blue Sunday

  1. Michael says:

    It was great to see a Christian coach of an Indiana team, formerly of the U of Minnesota, win the Super Bowl.

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