NHS Improvements

Yesterday we had to make a trip to the A&E. Over here that’s an area of the hospital, not a cable TV channel. It’s the same thing as the ER, which over here is just an American TV drama.

Aidan had his head cut open at school by a large wooden brick. By the time Mrs H got there the bleeding had been brought under control, but they said he needed to go to the hospital to glue his head back together and see if he had a concussion. As I am normally in possession of the sole family vehicle, I had to leave my school to go to his school to transport everyone to the local hospital.

Anyhow, inside the A&E was a digital sign – you know, the red, scrolling, LED type. It alternated between four messages, one of which was:

Due to the installation
of a new computer system

It may take longer than normal
to take your details

Please be patient

In other words, “we have spent more taxpayer money to make your hospital less efficient”. But at least they are honest about it.

Because the A&E was almost deserted, we were also informed by the LED sign that the wait time would only be an hour.

In another development to improve service, the hospital has removed free handicapped parking. Traditionally one of the perks of being a cripple in this country is free parking in publicly-owned car parks. The local hospital has handed over the management of their car park to a private company.


4 Responses to NHS Improvements

  1. Honey says:

    How is Aidan? Did he have stitches or a concussion?

  2. Dave says:

    They used skin glue on his head, so he didn’t have to have stiches.

    He didn’t have any of the bad symptoms of a concussion, though he has been subdued and hasn’t wanted to eat for a couple of days. He also got a knot on his head which is still tender, especially if Abby hits him on it.

  3. DebD says:

    Oh dear – I’m glad he’s doing okay. Skin glue… I hope it wasn’t a facial wound. One of my dd’s had a facial cut they used skin glue on. It never healed properly now she has a rather obvious scar right near her eye.

    So sorry about the parking issue. Privately owned parking lots don’t have the same requirements – whoa and I thought the UK had more regulations than the US.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Poor Aidan !
    Prayers for a speedy return to health…….
    Sounds like a pretty normal A&E experience by our local standards, where the maximum parking time you can pay for is 4 hours, and the wait in A&E is often much more than that, so someone has to run out and buy more parking time before your car gets clamped…….

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