Marginalised Men

First it was the middle class, now it is men. According to The Times:

A generation of young men risk being “locked out” of university and marginalised over jobs.

Latest figures from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service show that 180,556 men enrolled on undergraduate courses in September 2006, compared with 210,334 women. Nearly half (47 per cent) of women aged 17 to 30 have enrolled on a university course, compared with just over a third (37 per cent) of men of the same age.

David Eastwood, chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council, said: “If we are not careful we are going to arrive at a position where young lads are alienated.” Les Ebdon, head of student experience at Universities UK, was concerned about the figures.

Bill Rammell, the Minister for Higher Education, said that his department was “spending a great deal of time and money on the problem”.

This is only going to increase the problem. It is an unerring trend that when the Government spends time and money on anything, the problem only gets worse. Usually much worse.

I thought I would compare this to US statistics. Unfortunately I can’t compare apples with apples. The US Department of Education indicates that in 2004, 57.2% of students enrolled in degree-granting institutions were women. In 2003, women earned 58% of all degrees – 60% of associate’s, 58% of bachelor’s, and 59% of master’s.

Since 1984, the number of women in graduate schools has exceeded the number of men. Between 1994 and 2004, the number of male full-time graduate students increased by 25 percent, compared to 66 percent for full-time women. Among part-time graduate students, the number of men increased by 3 percent compared to a 17 percent increase for women.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’ve made it through when I did.


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