Population Redistribution

Babies are being taken into care by local councils to meet targets for adoption.

This sounds like a crazy anti-government conspiracy theory. Not according to 12 MPs who sit in different parties in the House of Commons. They are backing a motion by John Hemming, the MP for Birmingham Yardley. He calls it a national scandal.

The number of babies taken into care between 1995 and 2005 rose by 75%. That’s surprising enough. The number of children aged one to four adopted after being taken into care has trebled between 1995 and 2005.

The real push has come since 2000, when Government ministers set a target of a 50% increase in the number of children in local authority being adopted by March 2006. With the new regulations strangling the Catholic agencies, local councils will need to grab as many healthy white babies as they can, since these are easy to hand out. Catholic agencies handled 32% of the difficult-to-place children last year.


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