Staying Put for Now

I was thinking about moving over to WordPress. I even got an account and a blog address over there, just to see what it’s like. It looks pretty good, I suppose, though I can’t say I’m just overwhelmed.

Then I discovered that they can’t import from new Blogger. Old Blogger is no problem, but apparently new Blogger is. Perhaps when they get this worked out, I’ll give it a whirl.

Maybe as I play around with it more, I’ll be more impressed.


One Response to Staying Put for Now

  1. Steve Hayes says:

    I’ve noticed that since the introduction of the new “fully-featured” Blogger, a lot of people are moving, and I’m tempted to move myself, since so many of the features on Blogger no longer work, and there is so little progress in fixing them.

    But I’m not sure if WordPress even has those features — like “Blog this” and “Links to this post”.

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