Behaving in Church

Today was liturgy in Hooterville. It was a good opportunity to see that our kids are growing up.

Aidan didn’t want to go to church because he thought he would have to serve in the altar. We have been encouraging him to consider it, but never implied we would force him to do this. He doesn’t turn 5 until Thursday, so technically it was a bit early for him to do it anyway.

Normally we take things to keep the kids occupied, like books and colouring books and quiet toys. We were in a hurry to get out the door, as we were providing both the Christ icon for the makeshift imaginary iconostasis and large bowl for the antidoron (the basket in which it was usually served was ripped to shreds by the owner’s dog), so we forgot the entertainment supplies. Aidan had a small R2D2 and a C3PO in his pocket.

The kids behaved very well. Everyone commented about them. Both Aidan and Abby go up and venerate the icons on their own now. They rolled around on the carpeted floor a bit, but didn’t make any noise. I should say, didn’t make any inappropriate noise. Abby did sing along with the service, particularly the “Lord have mercy” responses to the litanies. She was even in tune with everyone else. Not bad for two years old. Everyone was quite impressed.

She enjoyed it so much that when we were in Sainsbury’s shopping several hours later, she was still singing “Lord have mercy” over and over, as she rode in the trolley up and down the aisles. I normally only say it when we get to the till and total appears on the screen above the register.


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