Symbolic Victory

After weeks of waffle about whether employees can wear cross necklaces, British Airways have finally officially caved in. Employees will now be allowed to wear visible religious symbols.

When when check-in agent Naida Eweida insisted on wearing her little cross on the outside of her uniform, BA bosses said no. She went on unpaid leave as an alternative to suspension. She appealed and lost. The outrage at, and criticism of, the management from every side, including every side of the House of Commons, forced them to review their rules.

They will now allow “a lapel pin symbol of faith such as a Christian cross or a Star of David, with some flexibility for individuals to wear a symbol of faith on a chain”. Compared to a turban or a hijab, which were already allowed, you wouldn’t think this would be such a big deal, requiring consultation with the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and the Muslim Council of Britain before making the changes.

As usual, the moderate Muslim community has to stand with Christians against the secularist multi-culturalists. I have seen this since the very early days of this blog when Tower Hamlets Council allegedly pulled hot cross buns off the school menus to avoid offending Muslims (then threatened to sue me for relating the story from the Sunday Telegraph). At that time a spokesman for the Mulsim Council of Britain said: “This is absolutely amazing. At the moment, British Muslims are very concerned about the upcoming war with Iraq and are hardly going to be taken aback by a hot cross bun. . . British Muslims have been quite happily eating and digesting hot cross buns for many years and I don’t think they are suddenly going to be offended.”


One Response to Symbolic Victory

  1. Steve Hayes says:

    Religious freedom is indivisible. If they ban Muslim dress, how long before they ban Christian monastic or clerical gear?vrh

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