The Boy in the Box

Aidan is sleeping in a cardboard box.

He’s not on the streets or anything. We’ve even provided a nice bed for him. He’s sleeping next to the bed. In a box.

It’s a big box. It’s the box in which Abby’s dolls house was packaged. He has a small pillow, Lambie (that’s with a silent “b” – it’s his stuffed lamb), and a blanket. It’s small enough that his legs stick out of it, but he doesn’t seem to mind this.

He plays on his bed. He puts things on his bed. He jumps on his bed. But for the last two nights, he hasn’t wanted to go to sleep in it. (He’s unaware that we move him into the bed after he’s been asleep for a while, but doesn’t complain about it in the morning.)

At the end of the day, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in a box. A lot of people do it. The difference is that he is warm and sheltered at the same time. He seems to get the same amount of sleep and he hasn’t otherwise been acting weird. I suppose this is the sort of thing you just get a hankering to do when you are almost five.

If he’s still doing it when he’s seven, we might have to look into more closely.


4 Responses to The Boy in the Box

  1. DebD says:

    Thats pretty cute. My 4 oldest children all went through a stage where they wanted to sleep on the floor. They did this at about the same time so the ages varied. I wondered at the time what the authorities would think if they ever needed to come into my home. The kids had perfectly good beds but for some reason the floor was much more exciting.

  2. Honey says:

    Did you ask him why? A box is good for a lot of things,though I have never slept in one.

  3. GrumpyTeacher1 says:

    That’s cute. I did things like that myself when I was a tyke, so did my own kids.

  4. Philippa says:

    Oh a box is so exciting! He could be sleeping in a space ship, a cave, a island, who knows! What an adventure.

    I’d love to know if he changes location each night or his box is a time machine.

    Very cool! You’ve a neat kid!

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