The Idiot Booth

A bill has been introduced into the New Jersey State Senate that would amend the state constitution and allow idiots to vote. I had thought with some of the people New Jersey had sent to Congress, not only were idiots clearly allowed to vote in the Garden State, but they were also eligible for office.

Nonetheless, State Senate President Richard Codey introduced a bill on Monday to remove the language that says, “no idiot or insane person should enjoy the right of suffrage”. Instead, he wants to say, “a person who has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting.” This does not seem to solve the underlying problem.

If someone in New Jersey would just enforce the existing language, think of what a difference it would make.

Now before I’m inundated with angry comments from New Jersey (though honestly, I wouldn’t mind a higher profile and if that’s what it takes, I’m game), let me say that I would go a step better. I would encourage the introduction of the existing New Jersey language into every state constitution. After all, clearly too many idiots made it to the polls in November. Given some of the results, I would suggest that in certain states significant numbers of the insane made their voice heard as well.


One Response to The Idiot Booth

  1. Aaron says:


    I am surprised this has not made it to bigger news in the states. The comedians must be having a ball with this one.

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