Wrigley Cemetery

Grumpy Teacher noted that today is Carl Sandburg’s birthday, so I was looking at his biography on Wikipedia. I noted that one of his collections of poems was entitled Good Morning America. This made me think of the song, “The City of New Orleans,” with its chorus that starts, “Good morning, America now are you?” This was the inspiration for the title of the ABC morning television show.

I also found out that the songwriter of “The City of New Orleans”, Chicago-born Steve Goodman had his ashes buried beneath home plate at Wrigley Field. A number of people have had their ashes scattered on baseball fields, but as far as I could find out, this makes it the only major league base that is, in effect, also a grave stone.

You never know how you might find out something new.


One Response to Wrigley Cemetery

  1. Clay Eals says:


    Nice to see your post about Goodman being buried under home plate at Wrigley. He often doesn’t get his due. But the “ashes under home plate” story is just an urban legend. Thought you would like to know of an eight-year project of mine that will be published in April — a biography of Goodman. Please e-mail me at ceals@comcast.net, so that I can send you a background sheet on the book. Therein will be the complete story of where Goodman’s ashes truly lie.

    Clay Eals
    1728 California Ave. S.W. #301
    Seattle, WA 98116-1958

    (206) 935-7515

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