Yeowoman of the Guard

In this country, no traditions are sacred anymore. There will now be a woman Beefeater at the Tower of London. This will be the first in 522 years.

The new Yeoman Warder – or perhaps they will now have to be called Yeoperson Warders – was one of six candidates. The other five were men. But according to a spokeswoman, she was the best candidate for the job. Admittedly I have no idea what the interview process is like. All Yeopeople have to have 22 years military service and medals for good conduct, but I don’t know if their dramatic and presentational skills are evaluated.

Their dress uniform is Tudor period and their ordinary uniform is Victorian. So is the new Yeowoman going to dress like a 16th or 19th century man? Clearly if she was dressing appropriate to a woman of the period, she would not be in any sort of military uniform. Or will they sacrifice historical correctness in the pursuit of political correctness? Are they going to create a woman’s uniform out of whole cloth, so to speak?


2 Responses to Yeowoman of the Guard

  1. Michael says:

    Maybe they’ll dress her up like Yeoman Janice Rand.

  2. Dave says:

    We are talking about 22 years of military service, not 22 years old. Are you sure this is still a good idea?

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