Cash in the Attic

Today they showed the pilot of a new Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures. It is about Sarah Jane Smith, the companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors. She also appears in an episode of the last series.

I thought it might be a family-oriented pre-watershed BBC1 show to balance out the mature post-watershed BBC3 spin-off Torchwood. As it turns out, it is out it is planned as a children’s show. It is going to be shown on CBBC.

The real winners winners are the toy manufacturers and the BBC as the licenser. Sarah Jane has her own gadgets – sonic lipstick instead of sonic screwdriver, a watch that detects alien life, and a super computer called Mr Smith. That’s just from the pilot. There are all sorts of things stored in her attic that will be used in future episodes.


One Response to Cash in the Attic

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I watched it with the two young ones and we really enjoyed it.

    I look forward to the series starting,but won`t be buying the merchandise – we only have remote control dalkes in our house 🙂

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