Crunchy on the Outside

The kids are currently cracked on armadillos, ever since there was a picture in one of Aidan’s books and Mrs H quoted the Daim bar commericial, “Crunchy on the outside, smooth in the inside – Armadillos!” This has been Aidan’s catch phrase from the last couple of days. Abby tries to imitate him, as in everything, but never quite gets it right.

I was showing Aidan some photos of armadillos on the Internet and came across other names for them:

Hillbilly Speed Bump
Possum on the half-shell
Grave Robbers
“turtle-rabbit” (translation of the Aztec term)
and my favourite… Pillbugs on steroids


3 Responses to Crunchy on the Outside

  1. Michael says:

    Or as they’d say in Indiana, roly-polys on steroids.

    I never did see any live armadillos in Texas, but I sure saw lots of dead ones by the roadside.

  2. Dave says:

    We used to have a lot of armadillos on the farm where I lived while I was in college.

    I also knew a family that was so poor, the father would shoot armadillos for them to eat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They probably taste just like chicken…. ~smiles~


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