Holy Innocents

It is a cold, rainy, dreary, miserable day here in Merry Ol’. Seems like the right kind of day to commemorate the Holy Innocents.

Holy Innocents is a day to commemorate the big question “Why?” Most martyrs go willingly to their deaths. That’s part of the dying for your faith thing. But sometimes people just die. Sometimes lots of people just die. And sometimes somehow it is part of the Big Picture of salvation.

Holy Innocents is also a natural time to remember those who are victims of pre-natal infanticide. In the US there is Life Sunday or whatever they call the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. But killing babies isn’t an American thing. It is part of the spirit of the age that permeates the whole world. Just ask the Chinese.

I think they ought to rename Life Sunday as Impotence Sunday, because all of the political action, Christian Presidents, Republican Congresses, and Supreme Court appointments have not stopped the killing. It’s just too convenient. And frankly, abortion is just the visible pustule of a much more deeply rooted spiritual malaise.


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