The US is going to try to get a resolution through the UN Security Council about Burma. According to the State Department:

We remain concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian and political situation in Burma, which poses a threat to stability in the region. We believe the time has come for the Security Council to take action to express its deep concern about Burma and its strong support for the Secretary General’s “good offices” mandate, which is intended to encourage the Burmese leadership to take concrete steps toward greater freedom and improved humanitarian conditions for the Burmese people.

Even though I have long been concerned about the situations in Burma, this provokes several, perhaps conflicting, responses.

First of all, what sort of action is it to “express deep concern”? Do they not realise the Burmese leaders have an idea that most decent people and their governments think they are horrid little men? Bad, bad junta! We don’t like you! So there!

Second is the hypocricy of “Let’s ignore the killing of our own babies and go after somebody else’s human rights abuses.” Other people might suggest that the US is involved in more human rights abuses than just the issue of abortion, depending on varying views of foreign and domestic policy. I’ll leave that for now and stick with a universal obvious.

Third is the fact that Burma isn’t high enough on anyone’s agenda to actually do anything. It isn’t a part of the axis of evil. Locals might argue that bulldozers and military force obliterating Christian villages are weapons of mass destruction, but they barely register on the international political Richter scale.

And fourth is whether doing anything would actually do anything, least of all anything positive. Christians haven’t fared very well under recent attempts by “Coalition” forces to implement regime change.

Pray for Burma.


One Response to Futility

  1. Elizabeth says:

    How do “the powers that be” manage to labour under the delusion that bombing Burma would be morally less reprehensible than what is done to unborn American children every day in the name of “choice” and “freedom”?

    Thank you for your voice of sanity, Dave.

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