Grainy Christianity

Other people’s blogrolls are like a box of chocolates…

I was visiting areopagitica and clicked over to Cerulean Sanctum where I found a link to the Keith Green story in seven parts over on YouTube. Not deterred by the comment of Candleman (who has his own interesting blog) that the video comes from a copyrighted DVD, I watched the first couple of parts last night.

I’ve never been a big YouTuber. I know it has been all the rage, but it hasn’t really done anything for me. However, last night I realised that YouTube isn’t just grainy webcam or phonecam images of ordinary people doing weird things. I can watch grainy images of my favourite musicians. I watched Keith singing “Asleep in the Light” at a Christian festival somewhere in the western US, then I saw a performance of “Your Love Broke Though” from the 700 Club.

Then I realised that Keith would probably not be the only Christian artist on YouTube. I search for 2nd Chapter of Acts. Sure enough, there were grainy versions of “Easter Song” and “Yahweh,” apparently taken from the famous 1977 18-city tour that also resulted in the monumental triple-album How the West Was One. I know this because Phil Keaggy was playing guitar. It was hard to tell it was Phil, except for the fact that he only comes up to Matthew Ward’s armpit. It was a reminder of how far contemporary Christian music has come. Playing what may have been one of the smaller venues on the tour, I was surprised at the tiny stage on which they were all crammed. It was smaller than the church platform where I first saw them in 1979 in Houston and much smaller than the last stage where I saw them at the Sam Houston Colliseum in 1986. But I digress…

I found lots of video clips of Phil Keaggy, mostly stuff either lifted from a video of acoustic work or various Glass Harp reunions. Then I moved on to Bruce Cockburn, which included a 1980 television performance of “Wondering Where the Lions Are,” clips from concerts and a very strange video of “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”.

There’s probably plenty more me for to dig around and find on YouTube after all.


5 Responses to Grainy Christianity

  1. DebD says:

    Bruce Cockburn?? Did you say Bruce Cockburn! I love him. It would be nice to watch some of the older stuff. The newer stuff makes me kinda sad. Wonder if there’s anything from the “Humans” album?

    I remember seeing Keith Green at a Jesus festival in the late 70’s and hubby has been known to pull out our scratchy “How the West Was One” album. Ahh, those days are long, long gone. They don’t even exsist in the contemporary Christian music scene anymore either.

    Hmmm, wondering if “Daniel Amos” has anything… whoa, now you’ve got me going.

  2. Michael says:

    It was a reminder of how far contemporary Christian music has come.

    In what direction?

    You’ve increased my interest in YouTube as well, which I hadn’t paid much attention to so far. In fact, the only thing I remember watching all the way through on YouTube was some evolutionist’s little faking of a sighting of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, which, I hate to admit, was moderately entertaining.

  3. Dave says:

    In reverse order:

    Michael, I meant how far it has come in recognition and in popularity. I know that this isn’t necessarily the same as quality, whether ethical, theological, spiritual, or whatever. That’s a discussion for another time.

    Deb, I have been a fan of Bruce Cockburn since the early 80s. Humans is my favourite Cockburn album, and certainly one of my favourites overall. I have 25 of Bruce’s CDs. I agree that the earlier stuff is better, probably because is it less clogged up with leftist political activism, but no less musically or poetically powerful. If anything, I think overall the music is not quite as good in the last decade or more.

    I’ve seen Bruce twice. The first time was the best as he was apparently reading my mind when building the set list for the evening and played every favourite of mine, opening the show with my first favourite Bruce song, “Tokyo”.

    The very first CCM cassette (I never had a record player) I owned was No Compromise. The third was For Him Who Has Ears to Hear. (For the record, the second was In the Volume of the Book by 2nd Chapter.) Somewhere in the first ten was How the West Was One. The cassettes stopped working a while ago, but the CDs are regularly in my car.

    I got to see Keith once in Houston – must have been about 1981. I visited his grave in 1986 when I stayed the night at Last Days on business. Memory eternal.

    I know those days are long gone, but I never can get away from living in the past.

  4. Aaron says:

    Wow this was great. I listened to Keith back when I was becoming an Orthodox Christian. His music helped me get over the rough edges.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Loads of specifically Orthodox stuff on YouTube. Even a clip of Blessed Elder Cleopa of Romania talking to spiritual children !

    Also worth looking at Google Video.

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