Repeat Business

More than 18,000 girls under 18 had abortions last year. I suppose that out of nearly 200,000 killings, that less than 10% were forced out of teenage wombs is something positive.

However, out of those 18,000 under-18s, 1,316 had a second abortion while 90 underwent their third. At least one had her sixth abortion. Not that this is by any means a record. There were 44 women last year who had their eighth abortion. Twenty of these under 30 years old.

Repeat business only increases as women get out of their teen years. Of those aged between 18 and 24, 16,474 had a second abortion and 3,060 had a third.

This means that well over 10% of abortions last year were obtained by women under 25 who had killed before. The picture of abortions being for women who are stuck in a bad spot and have no other choice is looking more and more like the work of a myopic impressionist, rather than an accurate representation of reality.


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