Small Talk About the Weather

It’s cold outside.

We have had such a mild autumn that when cold weather actually arrived, it was quite a shock. And it’s not just people that have been taken by surprise. As Mrs H and I were noting today when taking Christmas presents to Wales, many of the deciduous trees still have green leaves.

We woke up this morning to ice. Ice and fog. Everyone has been hearing about the fog – it’s even been making the national evening network news in the US. But it was the ice that surprised us. There’s no telling what the trees were thinking.

Okay, they weren’t thinking anything. They are trees, after all. And this isn’t Narnia.

I know everyone is worried about global warming – except for the Head of Geography at my previous school, who thinks it a load of propaganda – but for Britain in the short-term, it sure is nice. Maybe we’ll have an early Spring.


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