Heaven in the Real World

Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal is no longer eligible to be baptised as a Mormon. He was on an official list of potential posthumous recipients of vicarious baptism because the LDS church thought he was a great bloke and deserved to be an exception to the usual rule that only the ancestors of LDS members can be put on the list.

This seemed like a nice, if pointless, gesture. But the Simon Wiesenthal Centre complained. The Jewish human rights group named in his honour found it offensive. Rabbi Marvin Heir, the founder of the group, said, “From their point of view they thought they were doing him a favour by making sure he can get into heaven. For us, it is very offensive. Simon Wiesenthal dedicated his whole life to Jews. I don’t think he needs help getting into heaven.”

Well, the Mormons may not be able to get him into heaven, but he does need help. Rabbi Marvin doesn’t realise that without the help of the first century Rabbi Yeshuah, Simon Wiesenthal doesn’t have a chance. Doesn’t matter what he’s done. And it doesn’t really matter who that offends.

This isn’t the first time the LDS folks have run afoul of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. They used to have the names of 400,000 Holocaust victims on their baptismal “to do” list. Those were taken off in 1995.

Of course all this seems a bit hypocritical. Jews are happy to name people “Righteous Gentiles,” even though many of these are Christians who believe their righteousness is not imputed from a committee of the Supreme Court of Israel. I don’t know of any case where a Righteous Gentile has asked to be taken off the list or raised a public stink about it.


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