Evil Scum

There are truly some nasty people out there. If there was ever an argument for the death penalty in this country, it would be these folks:
The gormless middle idiot is the spawn of the other two. Natalie Conner became obsessed with a 16-year-old special needs girl at the same school, creating a “feud” between them. She got her parents involved in an 18-month campaign of harassment against the girl’s family, who were the tidy sort who actually had jobs and contributed to society.

It appears that Natalie got her mother on her side, probably because mum was bored with re-runs of Trisha or Jeremy Kyle (for American readers, think Oprah or Jerry Springer). To culminate the campaign, Jane Connor plied her perpetually jobless alcoholic ex-husband Michael with a bit of liquor and gave him a bit of money to fill a petrol can at Tesco. She then stood watch while he poured it through Cochranes’ letterbox and set it alight. When it exploded, Jane laughed as they ran off.

The temperature in the hallway reached over 1,800°F in just over two minutes. Mrs Cochrane made a 999 call, but was overwhelmed in the house. Mr Cochrane made it out of the house but died in hospital. The focus of the hatred, Lucy survived with crippling burns and no parents.

When the police came around asking questions, Natalie and Jane lied, and Jane’s mother lied for them as well.

Michael and Jane Conner were both convicted of murder and the school bully Natalie was convicted of manslaughter. When the verdict was delivered against Michael, he smiled.

Speaking outside the court, Mrs Cochrane’s father called the murders “evil scum”. In his Victim Impact Statement, he went into more detail:

“It was our Maureen, Alex and Lucy’s misfortune to be targeted by a moronic, mentally and morally corrupt family of misfits.

“You sometimes have a family having one member who is a black sheep. This family had three generations of them, from the notoriously trouble-making grandmother, the idiot mother, who is cast from the same mould and last but not least, the evil, lying conniving and manipulative grandchildren.

“I don’t think that this is the last we will hear of the latter, not by a long way.

“Add to that lot, the father, a lying whinging bully boy who blames everyone else for anything that does not go right for him in his totally useless and pointless life.”

We’ll find out what sort of sentences these people will get on Wednesday. The parents will get mandatory life sentences, but life almost never means life in this country, so the judge will set a minimum number of years before they can be considered for parole. Until they are let back out to menace society, they will cost the taxpayers about £28,000 each per year to house and feed. If they get 15-year tariffs and the daughter does 10 years, that’s £1,120,000. That doesn’t include their legal fees for the trial and any appeals.

To argue that society ought to bear the burden of housing and feeding these people necessitates the argument that society is somehow responsible for their actions. No, call me a reactionary conservative, but the Conners are responsible for their own actions. If we are going to be a merciful society, how about having mercy on the innocent. How about some mercy on hard-working taxpayers? How about some mercy on whatever people have to live around these murders when they get out?


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