Prime Minister’s Questions

The news over here is abuzz over Tony Blair being interviewed by police concerning the “Cash for Peerages” scandal. However, as he did not have his rights read to him before the interview (called being “interviewed under caution” in this country), he is currently only considered a witness rather than a suspect. However, he is the first sitting Prime Minister to be interviewed as a part of a criminal investigation.

This would be something like the President appointing additional members to the US Senate because they gave loans to the President’s party. This isn’t unheard of in this country. It was done by David LloydGeorge when he was PM in the 1922. Lloyd George escaped prosecution, but his “honours broker” Maundy Gregory was finally convicted in 1933 and got six months in prison and a ¬£50 fine. Blair’s honour broker Lord Levy has already been arrested and bailed pending further inquiries.


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