Making a Killing

Britain’s largest provider of abortions, bpas (formerly known as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service) is pushing to change the law in this country requiring that two doctors sign off on the killing. With one in three women expected to kill a baby at some point in their life, one doctor should be enough.

Though the number of women and doctors ripping unborn children from the womb is increasing, a recent Mori poll has shown the tide of opinion shifting against them. Fewer people favour the right to premeditated muder. When asked about “social abortions”, where termination is not for medical reasons (the disability of the child or the danger to mother), 44% of women approved and 42% disapproved. If they are looking for a majority favouring a woman’s right to choose, they have to look to men, but they better look quick, with only 51% of men approving and 34% disapproving.

It is much easier for men to favour abortion. They are the real winners. After all, they don’t have to live with having killed a life they have nutured inside of them. And they have avoided responsibility. Better to have paid £485 for an abortion than 18 years of child support. Even if the mother can’t be convinced until a month after the baby is viable outside the womb, £1260 is still a small price to pay – and that’s if you can’t get the mother to pony up some of the cost. It is half her fault, after all.

Surely someone who can pressure a mother to kill her child can squeeze a bit of cash out her as well. Short on cash? bpas takes, Switch, Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Solo, and cheques (supported by a valid cheque guarantee card, of course). So many ways to pay! After all, when you provide 50,000 contract killings each year, you have to be flexible.

If you’ve ever wondered how much a life is worth in this country, bpas have published a price list. If you find yourself escaping from the Catholic laws and society of Ireland, don’t worry about having to change your money. bpas prices are in Euros as well.


One Response to Making a Killing

  1. Luz says:

    At least we still have to ‘counsel’ them here but at this rate we can’t be far behind the US where it’s considered a contravention of female human rights to even ask them if they’ve thought about consequences or alternatives.

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