The Great British Smile

You pay for socialised medicine, you expect socialised medicine.

When it comes to dentistry, this is a joke. A sick joke. It is impossible to get onto an NHS dentistry list. Even then, the NHS only pays a small amount for services and the practices are free to charge whatever they like, so the patient still has to make up the difference out of pocket. But forget getting an NHS dentist anyway, even if you can get past the fear factor. NHS dental treatment for children is supposed to be free. Without an NHS dentist, this is a useless fact.

Otherwise, it is even difficult to get seen by a private dentist. Aidan has a cavity and is in pain. Even with pain, it is tomorrow before he can get an appointment to be seen. Not be seen. Just get the appointment. So Aidie continues to be in pain.


2 Responses to The Great British Smile

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Poor Aidan !
    Paediatric Nurofen is best for toothache, BTW.

    We are lucky that although our dentist has now “gone private”, he continues to see the children of private patients on the NHS, and the kids have had wonderful care from him. We are extremely fortunate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree…poor Aidan! Nothing hurts like a tooth!

    An old home remedy that works is clove oil directly on the tooth. It tastes yuck, so just get it directly on the cavity using a toothpick tip. Also, give the OTC med by the clock until he gets to the dentist to keep the blood level up for best results. A speck of caffeine will help it work a little better.

    Do you have floridated water there?Has he been using a floride toothpaste? If not, probably time to start, with supervision. Maybe use of a floride rinse would help too. Be careful with the directions. Spit, not swallow due to toxicity in kids.

    When he does get to the dentist, they can do a protective coating on his teeth that will help prevent future cavities.

    Depending on the time frame, a trip “home” to a pediatric dentist actually might be cheaper, quicker and easier in the long run. You could get Abby seen too, and then follow up yearly after that.

    PS…Though you may not be in a position to be picky, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the use of silver mercury fillings…gold is still considered the safest and longest lasting, with white ones coming in second.

    PPS…It’s always something…

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