Defeating Dishonesty

Despite the best efforts of the dishonourable dishonest CEO of my previous webhost, it appears that all blog and email links should be working, even if through redirection. It will take some time to sort out getting my full websites (Holford Web and The Holfords of Overton County) up and running- I’ll have to decide which reputable hosting service to use. I have always had the domain itself in the UK, so that’s one thing that couldn’t be stolen from me or held hostage to illegal demands.

Even though my files are stuck on servers in California and the files in the way they were created are the res of a conversion of intellectual property and I may have lost a few blog entries, through a combination of the Google cache and the Wayback machine at, I have salvaged most of the blog. I have all the other files on my computer. It will take ages to restore it public access. If I was in the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, and at least one disreputable host company, I would love to file suit.

Of course the difference about doing things legally, it that he would have notice before anything happened.


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