The Music of Memories

I’ve changed the template to my main website. I’ve given up on a books page. Instead, I’ve decided to transfer over my song lyrics that I saved down from my long-defunct original website.

I’ve only got three songs up there so far, just to get it started.

I played some of my songs today, using the lyrics on my computer for reference. Sadly, I have no recollection of the chords for some of them. The melodies for some are just on the edges of my memory, with a few notes clinging like fingertips before slipping into the precipice of the forgotten. A few can only be played with six strings, so I may try to find time to borrow a practice room in the music department at school and any electric guitar they might have on hand, just to see if I can save some from oblivion.

I recently discovered I had some songs on cassette tape, but I discovered this because Abby had removed vital pieces of the tape mechanism. Oh, well.


One Response to The Music of Memories

  1. Anonymous says:

    Joe Kinderman told me a long time ago that he has “lots” of your music on tape. Perhaps he would be willing to send it to you. When I see some of the words again, perhaps I, or my daughters will be able to recall the tunes. I/we may also be able to fill in some lost words. I believe I still have some of the programs with the liturgical music in them, somewhere around here. Your music is one of your greatest gifts. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to hear you are once again moving on it. YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Mary

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