Surprise Inside

I found this in the local paper this week. It’s too bad for the man that it didn’t happen in the US. If this had happened in one of their Wal-mart stores, the home office in Bentonville might have been a bit more concerned and lawyers would have been scrambled to arrange a pay-off.

A Hooterville man claims to have found a sandwich filling with a difference when his mother cut open a bun brought from the new Asda store in Hooterville.

Liam Bunce, aged 26, of Hinton Avenue, says that when the bun, which had been bought from the store a few days earlier and frozen, was cut a bloodied blue plaster was found inside.

He took it back and says he was given another pack of buns and a Ā£2 gift voucher.

But he added: “I shall not be buying any bakery products from the store again.”

Rebecca Liburd, from Asda, said: “We take our food safety and hygiene very seriously and we have strict procedures in place at our store.

“Anyone wearing a blue plaster would have to wear plastic gloves.”

She added: “We are at a loss to explain how this could have happened and are in the process of completing a full investigation.”

I’m curious about Asda policy on this. Do they not have to wear gloves if the plaster is a different colour?


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