Forget Iraq

The Democrats are hoping that their smoke and mirrors work tomorrow. They are banking on opposition to the way the occupation of the Iraq is progressing (or not) to gain seats in Congress and in state legislatures and in governorships and all over the place. But of course there is not a single one of these seats, even if they lead to the change of power in both houses of Congress, that will make a difference when it come to policy in Iraq.

Even with the Democrats in charge of Foreign Relations and Armed Forces committees, there is little to be done. Even if they decide to open some sort of investigation into the way the occupation has been conducted, it will not really affect the policies of the Executive branch in the short term and there are only two years left in this Administration anyway.

What the Democrats really want is control of the real issues that are within the remit of legislative bodies, both federal and state. They see the opportunity to shift the moral focus of government leftward. They see the opportunity to undermine every point at which various levels of government have stood for righteousness.

I am not suggesting that all Republicans are righteous and all Democrats are reprobates. However, the Democratic Party has consistently promoted legislation based in a relativist, humanist worldview. The elections tomorrow are not about Iraq. They are about the moral tenor of American government at every level.


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