Turnabout is not Fair Play

It’s okay for Muslims to parade through the streets promoting hate and violence against Christians, but anyone suggesting an opposition to terrorism or to pro-Islamic policies may quickly find themselves on the wrong side of th the law.

In the small west Wales town of Aberporth, Gary Mathewson draped a sign over his garden fence that read, “Kill all Muslims who threaten us and our way of life. Enoch Powell was right.” (Enoch Powell was an MP who, in 1968, famously gave a speech against unrestricted immmigration.) Mathewson was arrested, not because any Muslim saw the sign (I doubt there is a single Muslim in Aberporth, or a married one for that matter), but because a retired Army officer saw it and feared a visit from Muslim extremists in retaliation.

Mathewson pleaded not guilty to a charge of religiously aggravated disorderly conduct. However, according to the Tivy-Side Advertiser, “Finding Mathewson guilty presiding magistrate Anne Rees said she and her colleagues felt the words on the banner were likely to cause someone distress, and they did not find it as reasonable.” He received a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £150 in costs.

At least James Scott go away without a conviction. Mr Scott was collecting signatures in favour of Commons Leader Jack Straw’s comments about women’s veils being a barrier to communication. To help make the point he was wearing a balaclava. Two women police officers told him to remove it and he refused – something that would have never been demanded of a Muslim woman in a hijab – so he was arrested.

Suffolk Police said the balaclava had upset members of the public. Seems they made Mr Scott’s point for him – though being policepeople they were probably clueless about this. He was released after questioning.

H/T to Laban Tall.


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